Club Rules


Shooting Hours: 

          Monday - Saturday:   No shooting before 7am

          Sunday:   No shooting before 8:30 am

Range Rules:

  1. Use of Pistol and Rifle range facilities is restricted to members and approved guests (guest pass) only.  Guest passes cannot be used in November or the 1st two weeks of December (1st through the 14th).
  2. All firearms must be brought to the ranges unloaded unless holstered.
  3. No firearms / magazines may be loaded with more than 10 rounds regardless of the capacity.
  4.  No rapid fire on the ranges at any time. After each shot and before the next a minimum of one second of time must elapse.
  5. When cease fire is called all firearms are to be removed from any unsecured rest and placed on the shooting benches, unloaded with actions open.  No person is to go downrange before all firearms on the line are made safe in the manner described above.
  6. No firearm is to be handled even when unloaded while any person is downrange.
  7. Shooters under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult member.
  8. Muzzles of all guns/rifles must be pointed down range at all times.
  9. Shooter will not load guns/rifles until ready to shoot from a bench or the firing line.
  10. Paper and manufactured reaction targets only (swinging steel or swinging dura seal type targets are the only approved targets).  Paper targets must be fixed to target backers and reaction targets placed to side of target backers in front of back stops.
  11. Do not handle any weapon or personal equipment without the permission of owner.
  12. No person to use the range while under the influence of intoxicants. Positively no alcoholic beverages allowed on the grounds.
  13. All persons using ranges must obey range officers at all times.
  14. Firing line and target butt must be policed after using.  Unwanted cases, targets, etc., to be placed in proper container.
  15. No spectator will distract or interfere with shooter.
  16. All members are required to DISPLAY their membership cards while on Conewago Rod and Gun Club property. 
  17. Eye and Ear protection must be worn while using ranges.
  18. Obey posted archery rules.
  19. Archery range may not be used while trap shooters are shooting.
  20. No steel shot may be used on the trap range and shot size on the trap range is limited to 7½ shot or smaller.
  21. Upon proper action by the club, any member found in violation of the above rules may be denied the use of the range or suspended from membership

*Range is closed every Tuesday evening at 6pm for work night.

*Club sanctioned shoots shall end by 10:00pm